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Monday, April 9, 2012

Downloads: Characters KoF XIII

Hello guys,

Here is the list of characters posted for download on the blog. To download go to the page: ''Download Characters KoF XIII'' and click download to download it. The option ''Biografy'' tells a little about each character in this KoF XIII. But remember the characters work only in version 1.0. If you do not have this version of Mugen, ''About Mugen'' to go download it on the official website of Eletrobity.

1- Ash Crimson by Randy Fenrir
2- Saiki X (Human form) by or2=3
3- Iori Yagami (Flame) by TightRiam
4- Mr. Karate by Ahuron
5- Duo Lon by DLS
6- Shen Woo by Ahuron
7- Kyo Kusanagi by nekohoshi
8- Leona Heidern by P-tan
9- Ralf Jones by REJY2505
10- Clark Steel by REJY2505
11- Mai Shiranui by P-tan
12- Yuri Sakazaki by REJY2505 && NIGTH
13- Iori Yagami by or2=3
14- Vice by or2=3
15- K' by TightRiam
16- Maxima by Ahuron
17- Kula Diamond by P-tan
18- Athena Asamiya (beta version) by Dharkst Dhost
19- exkyo (beta version) by xXLusterXx
20- exkyo (beta version 2) by xXLusterXx
21- Athena XIII (Beta version) by k6666orochi
22- Athena XIII (Beta version 2) by k6666orochi
23- Athena XIII Version 2.0 by k6666orochi
24- Athena XIII Version 2.5 by k6666orochi
25- kof13saiki (version 15-5-2012) by werewood & BoyBoyz
26- EX-Kyo_XIII by k6666orochi



  1. Hi, there! I´m now on the page but I can´t find the links to make a download of my favourite chars, Could you help me!? Thanks a lot and regards!
    Fernando Copazi - SP - BRA my e-mail -fercopa@terra.com.br