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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

kof13saiki by Werewood & BoyBoyz (version 14-5-2012)

This is a slightly rushed release for le new year (I hope to update more in le future)! Report any bugs please. I don't know programming, so this saiki is more for aggressive accuracy than for le whole package of win-screens etc. Yes, le portrait sucks I know, but I don't know how to make a nice one. Here are le 50 changes, if you bother to read them (if not, link is at bottom):

1. New sprites for all existing animations, and more sprites (including super sprites yay) that weren't available last time
2. New light stone throw animation (he bends down differently). le diff between light and heavy stone throw is le stone size, speed, hand swing speed, and recovery (ctrlset) speeds. You can immediately spam another stone throw after heavy stone throw, but not for le light version.
3. All le black flame webs and projectiles are now separate explods from le main character
4. New lose by Cheap KO (taking damage when guarding) animation
5. New losing voice when player loses 2 rounds in one go
6. A+B evade and fall recovery is now improved to be more like original with correct sprites and slide distance
7. Removed super jump and adjusted all move timings and ctrlset timings
8. Dizzy state/sound implemented for saiki himself. You can mash le buttons to get out of dizzy state faster. le ability to Dizzy enemies is also available, but enemies cannot get out of dizzy state fast :p
9. New custom animation for Saiki when you trap enemy Saiki in dark web
10. New and accurate gethit animations for all animtypes and types
11. Liedown time changed to 25
12. Fixed all pausemovetime and supermovetime for explods so they don't disappear unnecessarily or continue even during pausetime
13. Revised/tidied clsn boxes and fixed player width bug
14. Fixed counter/super counter's bindtimes so that once le ctrlset activates, le black flame (a separate sprite) stops binding to p1.
15. Changed super startup sounds
16. black flames are unblockable (aka forward fireball handswipe)
17. Fixed all walking animations and made new turning-to-walk-back animation
18. Tweaked counter (C+D hitsound), super (startup sound), guard sounds for light/hard attacks (projectile guard sound is not ripped sadly)
19. Added guard.velocity for C+D blowback
20. Fixed all throw states according to le standard ones
21. Adjusted all damage to le stated amount in KOFXIII. Saiki's power is now 100, but you can adjust it to higher amounts if you like.
22. le guard animation for KOFXIII is very lame, because his hands will keep shivering up and down. I've slightly modified it to look more like a proper guard -.-
23. Lots of stuff about stone throw has been changed.
24. His head movement timing adjusted very accurately
25. le sounds of le movements of his hands/feet when attacking are specifically made to be heard at a later animelem, so that guard sounds are heard first. True to source
26. His light punch red clsn seems to be much wider than hard punch's
27. New super counter startup animation completely accurate to source
28. His fireballs and moves are all spammable AND comboable (even without hitting; however, they are only comboable for a short period of move startup time) because of ctrlsets. Sometimes if you can't spam them, you can press another direction button while le move is executed, and then execute le move again shortly.
29. Unblockable sweep kick's animation time and starting sprites modified greatly.
30. fireball speeds changed. New bindtoparent code for downward fireball. le fireball sprites are different too.
31. Sweep/unblockable sweep's distances changed, and posadd's modified correctly to make le animation very smooth.
32. Added an explod to saiki's hand when counter connects, and added assertspecial invisible to make le animation true to source when counter succeeds
33. It may not be noticeable, but saiki's downward fireball hand motion HAS a shield that negates projectiles. Added that.
34. Added y velocity to super darkening's projectile, so it wouldn't stay on screen if enemy saiki dizzy-ed halfway.
35. New velset for forward/air fireball movecontact, so le explod will always appear at le same position with respect to p2 pos
36. Finally solved le darkweb clinging to enemy after being hit problem. le dark web now falls apart on le spot instead of following le enemy backwards.
37. New animation for le explosion before dark web. This explosion is different from le one when le fireball first hits, if u look carefully
38. Hi-res KOFXIII hit and guardsparks implemented for light, medium, hard attacks.
39. Cool thing about dark web is you can stand inside it. le sprites are special!
40. Added critical wire (C+D counter while guarding)
41. Added an explod spark for guard cancel into evade (a+b while guarding). Sadly le sound for this is not ripped.
42. Fixed le losing voice repeating itself when saiki is repeatedly hit after 'dying'. I couldn't find a way around it, so I made a nothitby for !Alive in state -2 LOL.
43. Added guard crash, but le difference from Rejy's version is that le player 'shudders' on le spot after being hit back. There is no guard crash bar... It should come with a screenpack, not awkwardly hanging around le screen
44. Added a ctrlset to super darkening, so that derp can start moving immediately after it ends. Reduced nothitby also.
45. Finally solved handswipe bug by creating another hitdef at a later animation, with 0 pausetime for p1
46. Fixed walk and grab/super counter's p2 screenbound issue
47. Pressing Z to select saiki will enable a beta version of his 'flames' on his face etc. Only for standing and turning animations... rushed release!
48. Hit and guardsparks during super darkening now made to appear on top.
49. C+D has an extra red clsn that I didn't notice before. That makes 3 ridiculous hit frames.
50. Added cornerpush.veloffs for all related moves. Most moves that hit in le air have no cornerpush. His close fireball handswipe has no cornerpush. Once an enemy is stuck in le dark web, there is no cornerpush at all too. It makes sense too that airguard (though KOFXIII has no airguard) has no cornerpush for p1, but groundguard has.
51. Dust ffx for A+B recovery near ground.

What's left:
1. Better select screen/ in game portraits
2. complete black flame animation (boss mode)
3. hyperdrive animation (no one's achieved this yet)

1. simul mode is buggy! Dark web appears on random p2 instead of hit enemy (still not solved yet..)

untrue to source but can't solve due to mugen mechanics and character coding:
1. Projectile guard sounds, A+B sliding sound, walking sound, etc not ripped hence inaccurate.

Font: http://mugenguild.com

Go to Download Chars XIII and good fun!

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