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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

N.E.S.T.S Kyo XIII by xXLusterXx (Beta version 2)

Download now 2nd beta version of N.E.S.T.S Kyo Kusanagi here and now!

What's new ?

-Fixed various movements
Fixed-q commands to be more faithful to the original (except for some q me were impossible to do with the keyboard)
-Balanced the amount of energy gained by using special q against air
-Added Super Cancel, Cancel Max, Counter, Dizzy state and Guard Cancel
-Added missing sounds (I think they are all)
-Added EFFECTS explosion when it hits an opponent with a fire attack
-Fixed all bugs (I think) mentioned in eterna1flame feedback (ie, the flame disappears when loading Orochinagy)

Go to page: Download: Chars XIII and check!

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