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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dark Ash XIII HD Update 2012.14. 6 by nisoo7

1. added more sprites ( over 2000 )
2. fixed bugs
3. HD flame except the flame when he flip around the color are not the right ( i will fix it soon as soon )
4. replaced every sprites in dark ash
5. HD Dark ball
6. fixed The dark grayish palette now its in HD !
7. fixed The collisions both blue and red
8. fixed Sprites, feet positions
9. added some codes
10. to enable the dark aura mod press Start + z ( still beta )

11. added neomax XIII version ( D,DF,D,DB,c ) u need to be close to the enemy ) i dont know how its looks like i told u i didnt play kof xiii as a dark ash so u can tell me if i was right :\ but i am sure for that :)

12. now its for mugen 1.0 and old one :) works fine !!!

13. I am not done yet I'll keep updating.

 Go to ''Download: Chars XIII'' and good fun!

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